Lithian Silver Leaf

Warrior of Lunaris



Character Biography Bonus Ability Scores: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution
Character Biography Bonus Class Skill: Streetwise
Point Buy Ability Score Array: 17, 16, 11, 10, 10, 8
Level 4 Ability Score Increase: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution
Level 8 Ability Score Increase: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution

Lithian Silver Leaf

Medium Fey Humanoid
Unaligned Elven Male
Age:?, 5’10”, 220 lb., Silver Hair, Violet Eyes
Level 8 Fighter(Defender)
Battlerager Vigor Class Feature Swap

Initiative: +5
Senses: Perception +7, low-light vision
Group Awareness: aura 5, non-elf allies in the aura gain a +1 racial bonus to Perception checks.
HP: 76, Bloodied: 38, Surge Value: 19, Surges/Day: 13
AC: 22, Fortitude: 21, Reflex: 16, Will: 16
Speed: 6, Wild Step
Berserker Full Blade (+2)(standard; at-will)Weapon
+14 vs. AC, 1d12+9 damage.
Languages: Common, Elven
Trained Skills: Athletics: +14, Endurance: +13, Heal: +10, Religion: +9, Streetwise: +8
Str: 20(+5) Dex: 12(+1) Wis: 13(+1)
Con: 19(+4) Int: 10(+0) Cha: 8(-1)
Equipment: Berserker Full Blade (+2), Black Iron Scale (+1), Amulet of Protection (+1), Horned Helm (Heroic), Iron Arm Bands of Power (+2), Gift of Grathius, Healing Potion, 176 Gold Coins

At-Will Powers:

  • Crushing Surge
  • Cleave

Encounter Powers:

  • Rain of Blows
  • Sweeping Blow
  • Strengthen The Faithful

Daily Powers:

  • Comeback Strike
  • Rain of Steel

Utility Powers:

  • Boundless Endurance
  • Bastion of Health


  • Weapon Proficiency (Full Blade)
  • Initiate of The Faith
  • Novice Power
  • Powerful Charge
  • Acolyte Power

Worships No Deities


Dwarven work in progress
Revising, Additions & Changes taking place

Before coming of age, Lithian lived in his ancient Elven homeland Lunaris. Lunaris is a very large mystical forest above Drazil which oddly enough continues to grow unhindered by the cold, harsh blizzard like landscape surrounding it. Inside the forest remains as if it were located in a warm climate. Every year a trading caravan runs through Lunaris. Having come of age and wanting to see the world, tired of being stuck in the forest and expand his mind, he set out with the trading caravan. Leaving behind his community, parents, elders and the sacred forest, Lithian joins on as manual labor to pay for his stay.

The trading company were desperate for hired men, trade routes was quite dangerous. Lithian traveled the world for 5 years with the trading caravan. Traveling to every place imaginable, by land or sea if a profit could be made they would trade there. Over the course of their travels Lithian practiced swordsmanship with the guards, making him more confident and learning to be more aggressive in stance. The caravan was attacked countless times of course by robbers, slavers, creatures that meant to eat or kill you and sometimes deals just went bad. Lithian for the most part help fend off the attacks when and where they occurred and eventually was promoted as a caravan guard. During his stay with the trading company Lithian befriended Maric a half-elf caravan guard.

... rawr!

Lithian Silver Leaf

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