Adventures in Temnis

The Story Thus Far

The story began in Galdreth’s Hold, a large farming community in Northwestern Temnis. After a recent earthquake, a group of locals found a large underground complex near a fault line. After spending several days searching through the strangely jumbled place, the party found and slew the leader of the goblins that had taken control of the place.

After their harrowing adventure, the group found itself shunned by the rest of the village. The village elder decided that the party should leave Galdreth’s Hold, and gave them a letter to take to a friend of his, Gerith Snowshale in Greenbriar, a small village near Temnis City

The road to Greenbriar proved perilous, with bandits, torrential rains and flooding rivers slowing them down. About a day outside of Greenbriar, the group was attacked by several zombies. After following the zombies’ tracks to their source, they found the tomb of an elven hero. After destroying a pair of necromantic braziers that surrounded the hero’s sarcouphagus, the party attempted to continue on their own journey to Greenbriar, but found themselves in some sort of other world. They fought a great number of undead, and ended up rescuing the ghost of the elven hero from an infinitely looping memory of his death.

Upon reaching Greenbriar, the group learned that Gerith Snowshale was dying. He asked that, before he died, that the group find the people who had murdered his son. The group set about searching Snowshale Manor for clues, finding that Pherris had been slain by dark magic. They also determined that the ghost that had recently begun attacking the occupants of the building had nothing to do with Pherris’ murder, except that the dark magic used to kill him had likely broken the seals on the ghost’s tower that kept him in.

After searching the manor, the group moved on to Temnis City. There they learned that, before his death, Pherris had joined a highly conservative church to Pelor. During a sermon that the group attended, Kat overheard two local toughs talking about a meeting at a harbor, and the group decided to check it out. There they found Dalith, the priest of Pelor, purchasing stolen magic items from a group of thieves. A fight ensued, and at the end, before the simulacrum of Dalith melted, Dalith told them that he had slain Pherris because the boy had learned of Dalith’s illegal dealings.



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